Sandra Senzon R.D.H
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Sandra Senzon R.D.H
Dental Hygienist in Upper East Side in New York, New York, NY
I have NEVER experienced such a tender, gentle touch. Sandra continued to talk to me about what she was doing, this was a 100% better experience than I have ever with a dental hygienist.
Sandra is thoughtful and caring. Her work is very unique in its holistic approach. On topmof it, she has a vast knowledge base of how health imbalances show up in our mouths ~ in our gums, teeth etc.
Kelley B.
Sandra Senzon is gentle and friendly. She has really helped my teeth and gums!
Sandra Senzon is a caring dental hygienist who uses her professional skills and decades of experience to save teeth.
lINDA m.
Sandra Senzon R.D.H
About Sandra Senzon R.D.H

Sandra Senzon R.D.H understands the power that individuals have in shaping their dental destiny. Through Sandra’s self-named practice in Upper East Side Manhattan in New York City, New York, she strives to use her decades of experience in holistic dentistry to empower people of all ages to take control of their dental health. 

A practicing dental hygienist, Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge to her private practice. Those in her care enjoy professional consultation services that deliver scientifically-backed, real-world guidance in all matters of dental health and hygiene. 

Preventive care is a central focus in Sandra’s practice, including professional teeth cleaning and guidance on how natural products can enhance dental health and prevent decay and disease. Root planing is available for those experiencing gum disease.

Patients can rely on Sandra for top-quality teeth whitening services. She also offers consultations on various cosmetic dentistry options, giving patients all the information they need to make informed decisions about their care.

The best way to explore all of the services available by working with Sandra Senzon R.D.H is to schedule a visit online or over the phone.

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Motivating children with natural products
Articles published for:

● Save your smile
● Holiday Smile
● Daily News
● Dental Hygiene 1990
● Dental Magazine
● The Farran Report
● Dental Economics
● RDH Magazine
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book 2
book 3
Television Appearances

● Dr Oz Show
● Fox 5 News
● Oprah Winfrey Show
● Produced and directed The Tooth Fairy Show 1989-2000
● (650 shows) on cable network educating the public on how to save their teeth
● Speaker and lecturer at Manhattan Dental Study Club
● Product advisor in Japan for company Tahei Kyogo 1989
Years of research coupled with decades of work experience performing dental hygiene has led to the development of her patented natural tooth care treatments and products. Additionally, her passion for providing a holistic approach to tooth care has led her to author several books that are available for purchase.

Private Practice
if you are interested in my approach to dental care, you can call us at (212) 684-1844 to set an appointment.
Natural Products
Sandra Senzon RDH developed multiple natural products to help treat gum disease and reverse tooth loss.
Tap on Natural Products for more Info.
Her books on dental hygiene, teach you how to better care for your teeth and mouth. They show how organic products can help in maintaining good oral health.
Consultative Services
 No appointmentments required. Same day consultations available.
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Visit The Tooth Spa
Your mouth can be healthy again naturally!
At the Tooth Spa, we have a different approach to tooth and gum treatment. Conventional dentistry uses surgery to remove inflamed gum tissue. We work with your body to bring your whole mouth back into natural balance.

Using gentle, deep gum cleansing and root planning, we can re-contour your gums to help them adhere to the tooth and supporting bone. No Novocaine is necessary (we avoid such anesthetics, which can actually block the healing process.) We use non-toxic herbal products which encourage the growth of healthy new tissue. You will feel the difference from the first treatment!

Sandra Senzon RDH is a dental hygienist New York. If you are interested in her approach to dental care, you can schedule an appointment online with Sandra Senzon RDH.

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