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Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning creates a sleek and smooth finish that is incredibly enjoyable. If you’re overdue for a professional cleaning, Sandra Senzon R.D.H, of the Upper East Side of New York City, New York, is here to help. Call today to schedule your visit, or try the easy online booking tool. You’ll love the way your smile looks and feels after professional teeth cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

Why is professional teeth cleaning so important?

No matter how well you brush and floss at home, you can still develop plaque and tartar even with your best efforts. Professional teeth cleaning provides a chance for your practitioner to remove these sticky troublemakers and reveal healthy, smooth tooth tissue. 

When you visit Sandra for a professional teeth cleaning, she can see and reach your teeth in a way that isn’t possible at home. She knows exactly where plaque and tartar like to hide, and has access to dental tools designed to seek and destroy film that can damage your teeth. 

Professional teeth cleaning also goes into the space between and behind your teeth, another favorite area for bacteria to thrive. These visits also give Sandra a chance to assess your gum tissue for signs of disease, giving you a chance to take action before serious damage occurs. 

What should I expect during professional teeth cleaning?

Sandra begins by discussing your dental health history and learning when you had your last professional cleaning. She then uses a special light and dental tools to visually inspect your teeth and gums. 

A handheld dental device called a scaler helps her scrape away accumulations of plaque and bacteria. She can even reach the areas beneath your gum line. 

Next, Sandra uses a powered brush and special gritty toothpaste to remove any lingering debris. This is the step that creates that smooth finish most people associate with professional cleanings. 

A thorough flossing is also part of the process, cleaning those hard-to-reach areas where your teeth meet. A final rinse freshens your mouth. 

What kinds of topics can I discuss during my teeth cleaning visit?

Your professional cleanings are an opportunity for you to receive guidance on any dental health topic of your choosing. Feel free to ask about brushing and flossing techniques, which products to choose, and how to build and maintain a great dental hygiene routine. 

Extensive research and development went into creating Sandra’s line of dental care products, called Camellia Dental Products. She is happy to explain which options are a good fit for your needs and help you find options that are within your budget.

If you’re ready for your next professional teeth cleaning, call today to book a visit or try the online scheduling page.