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Dental Hygienist Books

Dental hygienist books offer the chance to create a smile you’ll love sharing with the world through educating people about dental hygiene habits, preventive care, and good health practices. Sandra Senzon R.D.H, the tooth fairy of the Upper East Side of New York City, New York, enjoys partnering with patients to help them understand which treatments provide the best path toward their goals. Booking a visit takes moments, whether you connect online or by phone, so don’t delay.

Dental Hygienist Books Q & A

Who is the tooth fairy of the Upper East Side NYC?

For many residents of the Upper East Side, Sandra Senzon is the provider of choice for personalized dental hygiene, natural teeth whitening, and more. A published author, she helps to educate children, teens, and adults on dental hygiene through her array of dental hygienist books, natural products, and Zoom consultations.

Attend consultations with Sandra nationally or internationally. Call the office to register or request a Zoom consultation online. For Hygiene Services and Dental Educational Information, call 1-800 Toothfairy shows.

What are some examples of dental hygienist books?

Sandra is a talented author with various books she uses to help educate clients on dental hygiene. Her books are also available for purchase:

Reversing Gum Disease Naturally: A Holistic Home Care Program

This book helps acquaint readers with oral hygiene and educates them on naturally maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Sometimes drugs play havoc on fragile tissues, and chemical use can eat away gum tissue. Surgical cutting out of the gums will reduce pockets, but if getting inflamed high up on the root, that area can produce more pocketing. Natural shrinkage of gums is the best.

The Hygiene Professional: A Partner in Dentistry

Dental hygienist books are designed for the dental and hygiene professional. In an era where women are discovering increasing opportunities for career fulfillment, dental hygiene remains a restricted career path. Burnout is common; career change is frequent.

RDH and entrepreneur Sandra Senzon shares her journey to personal and career self-fulfillment and suggests ways hygienists can become full-fledged business partners in dentistry through independent practice.

Drawing on experts in the field and her own experiences, Sandra demonstrates in practical, readable terms how hygienists can truly become full partners in dentistry. She also features clinical procedures.

Tooth Fairy City Comic Books

A motivational book to help children and teens care for their teeth and build a healthy relationship with gum health.

Which dental hygienist books are right for me?

During your personalized consultation, Sandra examines your teeth and discusses the full range of dentistry options. She may recommend dental hygienist books best suited for your needs.

There is never any pressure to choose one approach over another. Your dentistry journey is unique, and you deserve to learn the pros and cons of each available option.

Call today to schedule a consultation with a real-life tooth fairy, Sandra Senzon R.D.H. Online booking is also available.