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Reversing Gum Disease Naturally: A Holistic Home Care Program: A Holistics Home Care Program

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Do you dread losing your teeth? Reading this book will acquaint you with oral hygiene and help you learn what you can do to keep healthy gums and teeth.

In 1894 Dr David Smith was the first to establish Prophylaxis (cleaning of teeth). Along with other pioneers, such as Dr. A.W. Bryan, made the dental profession aware of the causative factors in gum disease, made the profession focus on prevention rather than causative factors in gum disease, rather than symptoms of the disease . While cutting away at diseased unattached tissue is still widely practiced, the tissue is thinner at a higher level of the root.

It’s important to note, thorough root planning and quality home care, is an alternative to gum surgery (cutting away at fragile tissues).

Home care with proper selection of products, will work as a preventative, and the start of an alternative to gum surgery. Maintenance is an important adjunct to prevent cutting of gums, important adjunct surgery.

Sometimes drugs play havoc on your fragile tissues. Chemical use can eat away gum tissue. Surgical cutting away of the gums will reduce your pockets, but that area if getting inflamed high up on the root can produce more pocketing. Natural shrinkage of gums is the best

It’s important to note the causative reasons for problems in your mouth, if addressed early, can be a major alternative to gum surgery.

Addressing the issues, getting a thorough cleaning, root planning, and having a proper diet are alternatives to gum surgery.


The Hygiene Professional: A Partner in Dentistry

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 Reversing Gum Disease Naturally In an era in which women are discovering increasing opportunities for career fulfillment, dental hygiene remains a restricted career path. Burnout is common; career change is frequent. In her premier text, RDH and entrepreneur Sandra Senzon shares her journey to personal and career self-fulfillment and suggests ways in which hygienists can become full-fledged business partners in dentistry through independent practice. Drawing on experts in the field and her own experiences, she demonstrates in practical, readable terms how hygienists can truly become full partners in dentistry! The text also features clinical procedures….


Tooth Fairy City

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A motivational series of books for children to learn how to take care of their young adult teeth. The books define tooth relationship, hygiene and the importance of loving your teeth. Reversing Gum Disease Naturally is the goal.

The book comes with free crayons. Tooth Fairy City is in the Museum in Dentistry in Maryland and features an educational story-line about a quadrant of the mouth with the creation of the characters Eric Molar, Mike Molar, Bari Bicuspid, Betty Bicuspid, Kenny Cuspid, Lenny Lateral and Cindy Central.


Alternatives to Gum Disease

1. Diagnose the reason for gum surgery 

Factors can include: health conditions, proper diet, stress, crooked teeth, smoking, alcohol, and poor hygiene home care. 

2. Seek to get the gum pockets cleaned out. If pocket depth is deep, you may need more than one treatment. 

3. Get good hygiene instructions, with proper product selection.

4. Follow up maintenance is very important.

5. Incorporate natural, non toxic products into daily routine.

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